Working together to forge a brighter, more sustainable future.

ClientEarth’s team of lawyers, scientists and policy specialists are working tirelessly to secure the future health of our planet. Their work is not possible without the support of trusts and foundations, and other institutional partners: supporters who share our vision of a world protected by robust laws, where people and nature thrive.

Our institutional donors help us drive fundamental change around the world, and work with us to tackle the world’s most pressing environmental challenges at a systemic level to achieve the greatest impact.

Why support ClientEarth?

There has never been a more critical time for our planet. Climate change, deforestation, the loss of species, pollution: human activity affects every aspect of the environment. The demands that we are making on the natural environment mean that we are doing greater damage, and doing it at a faster pace than ever before.

ClientEarth is one of the world’s most effective environmental organisations. We use the power of the law to bring about systemic change: informing, implementing and enforcing the law, drafting and advising decision-makers on policy, building legal expertise, and ensuring citizens’ access to the laws that defend them.

Our dedicated team works to help trusts, foundations and our other institutional partners to meet their aims, whilst ensuring our work brings about real and lasting change. We welcome support from trusts and foundations of all sizes, to work in partnership with us to protect the earth for – and with – its inhabitants.

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