What we do

In Europe, we work with policymakers to create good laws and to strengthen weak ones. We make sure laws are properly implemented at EU and State level. When governments and institutions fall short of their legal obligations our lawyers take action to protect Europe’s citizens and its environment.

The EU is a climate leader and has some of the highest environmental standards in the world. We’re working to make EU environmental legislation and decision-making as ambitious as possible.  Where necessary, we use legal challenges to enforce EU law and hold EU institutions and national authorities accountable.

In Central and Eastern Europe, we are focused on protecting the most important wildlife and habitats, pushing for a coal phase-out by 2030 and protecting people’s health by tackling air pollution.

The UK has the potential to lead on tackling global environmental challenges like climate change, pollution and the loss of species and habitats. Our lawyers are pushing the UK to fully implement strong environmental law at home and push forward action on the globe stage.

Two hundred days since environment bill last seen

The UK Government has made strong statements on environmental protection but its flagship bill has disappeared from Parliament.