The law is our most powerful tool in addressing the environmental crisis and yet it can be impenetrable and inaccessible. We work tirelessly to ensure that citizens globally can access the law and seek the protection they're entitled to.

We also support environmental legal professionals and organisations to work effectively for the benefit of the environment. Helping people understand the law ensures everyone can benefit from the legal system that safeguards our civil rights.

What we're doing

We work in partnership with over a hundred organisations in the green community and beyond, giving legal support and advice to charities, companies and governments to make sure environmental law is strong and effective.

The law is only as good as people’s ability to enforce it. It is imperative that environmental laws are widely understood and protected. Our work on access to justice and information is a fundamental part of this.

  1. We work with legal professionals and civil society in Central and West Africa to help ensure that people can meaningfully support the reform and enforcement of their country’s forest laws. We ensure that rights of local communities are recognised so they can take a leading role in the protection of their own land.
  2. We are pushing for scrutiny of investment rules in key international trade deals to make sure they comply with EU law.
  3. Our team in Beijing is making a leading contribution to the development of environmental rule of law in China. With our formal status as an NGO, we are helping to modernise environmental governance and empowering other organisations
  4. We are taking our access to justice cases beyond Europe, opening new avenues for people to defend their environment
ClientEarth has conducted trainings on environmental law for judges and prosecutors over the past five years in China. These exchanges help empower them to protect the planet through their cases and rulings.
Yanqi Zhang, Project Officer
Yanqi Zhang, ClientEarth