We are architects of environmental law.

We make sure environmental law starts with science and reflects economic, political and cultural realities.

Our international reputation as legal and policy experts gives us a strong basis to shape the law and intervene where it is needed.

What we do

We’re working on the new laws and policies that the UK is bringing in as a result of Brexit, fighting for them to properly uphold environmental protections and people’s environmental rights.

  • Our team is dedicated to using the power of the law to turn off the tap of plastic pollution. We are pushing the EU and its national governments to adopt reformed packaging laws and to be ambitious in the implementation of the legal reforms we secured in 2018 and 2019 in relation to single-use plastic.
  • Our finance lawyers are pushing for change to UK corporate and pensions law, setting the direction for how companies and investors play their part in preventing climate change.
  • Our work on the Common Fisheries Policy is helping secure a stronger future for Europe’s fish stocks, making sure sustainability is at the heart of the EU policy that dictates how much fishers can catch.
  • In West Africa, our teams work with communities and local lawyers to develop and enforce national forest laws.
  • Recognising our unique expertise in environmental law and policy, the Chinese government has sought our assistance in shaping an enhanced environmental legal system.