The law is the most powerful tool we have. 

A law is just words on a page unless it is enforced. The weak enforcement of law is one of the greatest barriers to protecting the earth and its inhabitants.

With over a decade of experience, we know how to use the legal system as a lever of change, how to enforce it and how to win. We have proven that we will not shy away from challenging governments and businesses in court.

What we've achieved:

In UK, German, Czech, Polish, Italian, Belgian, French and Slovakian courts, we have defended the right to clean air, forcing governments to develop credible solutions to stopping illegal air pollution. We have thwarted plans in courts across Europe to build new coal plants and cut down acres of ancient forest. We have forced polluting companies to come clean on the risks of their products and practices, shifting international markets towards cleaner growth. We have won successive cases to ensure the right of people and NGOs to go to court to fight for their environment.


active cases tackling the most pressing environmental challenges
Laws and regulations are only effective if they can be, and are, enforced. We work to ensure that laws require concrete action and, if that action does not materialise, we will hold governments and companies to account.
Amy Rose, Director of Litigation, Governance and Legal Services
Amy Rose